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TACAS By-laws Amendment IV
From TACAS Advisory Council

Please review the proposed amendment (download in Adobe PDF format) 
and cast your vote by June 30, 2006.

Any TACAS member can send your vote to the Chairman of TACAS Advisory Council Steve Liu by 
one of the following methods:

  1. Send in your decision via E-mail to AC_Chairman@tacas.org 

  2. Send in your decision via mail to:  
    TACAS AC Chairman
    P.O. Box 1041
    Cary, NC 27512

  3. Send in your voting via the following form: 

Are you a TACAS member: Yes No 
Should Amendment IV pass? Yes No 


Dear fellow TACAS members,

In order to continuously improve its operation and structure,  the TACAS Advisory Council has invested many hours to study and analyze our current Bylaws.  As a result, we are recommending changes be made.  Details of these Proposed Changes to the Bylaws have been posted on our website since May 1st and can be viewed directly.

The Bylaws are an integral part of our organization. It provides us with guidelines on how we operate as an organization.  Therefore, we strongly encourage all of our members to take some time to READ the Proposed Changes and to VOTE on either adopting or rejecting the Proposed Changes by June 30, 2006.  The result will be announced in the August Newsletter and will also be posted on our website.

To help you in understanding the amendment(s) and proposed changes, a brief summary is provided below:

ARTICLE II - OBJECTIVES: Sentence 2, Items (1) and (2):  spelling  corrections only. 
ARTICLE IV - General Powers: Sentence 1 and Sentence 2:  spelling corrections only. 
     Section 1, Paragraph 1:  change from 9  to 11 BOD core members.
     Section 1, Paragraph 2, sentence 1:  simple majority of BOD is now 7, an increase from 5.
     Section 1, Paragraph 2, sentence 1:
          Item b: change from Director of Finance to Fund Raising
          Item c: change from Publication to Public Relation/Publicity for publication of the newsletter, web page, Email distribution.
          Item e: spelling correction only.  
          Item f: newly added position/director as follows:

Chairman of the Advisory Board -- chairs the Election Committee, forms the Advisory Board, of no less than five (5) members, to recommend long-term policies and be in charge of the Bylaw amendment process,  ensures fulfillment of legal requirements, calls and             chairs the Board of  Directors meetings, special meetings, hires or causes to hire an External Auditor, determined by the Board of Directors, to audit the book annually.

     Section 1, Paragraph 3: The Chairman must be a previous BOD member or president and elected for 2-year term and maybe re-elected for 1 more 2-year term. 
     Section 1, Paragraph 4: detailed description of assuming various vacancies of the BOD. 
     Section 1, Paragraph 5:  The person(s) responsible for calling the Special Meetings --  the Chairman, the President or the BOD, depending on who has been impeached. 
     Section 3, Special Meetings:  same as item f above. 
     Section 4. Regular Meetings:  BOD shall meet regularly and/or upon call by the President, a change from Monthly.
     Section 5. Annual Meetings:  change from the last Saturday in September to the 3rd Saturday in June to validate/tally the election ballots distributed/collected in the May Mother's Day Picnic.  
     Section 6. Notice of Meetings:  added E-mail as a legal means.  
     Section 7. Quorum:  clarified to be Quorum of the BOD.     

ARTICLE VI - Officers
     a. Section 1: change Vice President to President-Elect.      
     b. Section 3.a : clarify the type of meetings and who shall preside them.

     Section 2. Special Meetings: specify who shall call it. 
     Section 3. Annual Meeting: same as section 5 above. 
     Section 4. Notice of Meetings: added E-mail. 
     Section 5. Quorum: clarified to be Quorum of Members.

ARTICLE XI - AMENDMENTS and the added paragraph.   Added detailed information/procedures in the Amendment process.  

Any TACAS member in good standing can do one of the following:

  1. Send in your decision to the TACAS mailbox/address at AC_Chairman@tacas.org 

  2. Send in your decision via mail to:  
    TACAS AC Chairman
    P.O. Box 1041
    Cary, NC 27512

  3. Send in your voting via the website with the form provided above. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Steve Liu
Chairman, TACAS Advisory Council


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