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TACAS By-laws Amendment IV
From TACAS Advisory Council


修改本會會章之第四版, 業已通過. 投票如下:會員一百名, 理事會八名, 讚成票.


  1. Advisory Council 改為Advisory Board. 其主席如今也是董事會〈Board of Directors 的成員之一. 其主要責任是研讀會章, 舉行選舉, 選出AB 的成員.  其他細節點請看修改版本
  2. 年之會員大會及選舉日期, 由九月最後一個星期六改到年五月的春季或母親節. 當日會將選票發出並收回後, 在六月的父親節開票. 新任期也由十月的一個星期改到六月的父親節, 以利新任期之運作.
  3. 董事會成員, 根據目前的會章, 也增加到十三名.

正確的會章以及一共四版之修改會章, 都會貼在華協的網址; www.tacas.org


Dear Fellow TACAS Members,  

On behalf of the TACAS Advisory Council, I am pleased to announce that the proposed Amendment IV to the TACAS Bylaws has been accepted and passed.  The total votes received in support of passing this Amendment was 100 votes from the general membership plus 8 votes from the current Board of Directors, respectively.  

The key points of this amendment are as follows:  

  1. The name of the Advisory Council is changed to Advisory Board and, more importantly, the Chairman of the Advisory Board is now a member of the Board of Directors, with specific duties assigned (e.g., to study the Bylaws, to conduct the Election, recruit the Advisory Board members and other duties). Please see the details outlined in the amendment itself.
  1. The Annual Election date will be moved from the last Saturday of September to the spring or Motherís Day Picnic in which Election Ballots will be distributed to the General Membership and will also be collected on the same day. After the collected ballot are counted and tallied in June, the new term will start on Fatherís Day, instead of the 1st week of October. This is to facilitate the operation of the new term.
  1. The new Board of Directors (BOD) will now consist of thirteen (13) members and is based on the current number of members and also as outlined in the Bylaws.

 The new Bylaw, as well as all 4 amendments, will be posted at the TACAS website.

Stephen "Steve" Liu
Chairman, TACAS Advisory Council

 TACAS Advisory Council

            Sam Suen        Theresa Boudreaux     Nai Po Lee      Jason Kao


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