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The Triangle Area Chinese American Society (TACAS) is a non-political, non-profit organization.  The society was founded on September 22, 1979 and received its tax-exempt status in May 1983.  The organization has grown and matured in the past thirty years.  The missions of TACAS are to foster the Chinese-American cultural exchange, promote Chinese language and cultural education, and participate in public welfare and community services. 

The organization is managed by the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board.  The Board of Directors is responsible for conducting the general operations and leading Board members and committee to initiate and execute the activities.  The Advisory Board helps the Board of Directors to set long-term goals and objectives for TACAS.   

Mr. Yih-Shin Tan is the current TACAS President.  Jiang Luh, Hsi-Shen Chi, Shie-Shin Wu, Jason Shih, Paul Wang, Wei-Kan Chu, Chao-Shieung Feung, Hou-Ming Chang, Po-Chuen Chan, Ping-Chuan Hu, Tung Chao, Dennis Liu, John Wei, Ting Fang, James Su, Siz-Siz Wong, Lan-Chien Tallant, Evan Sun, Hsing Tsui, Ellen Ko, John Chang, Leo Liu, Conrad Chin, Ching-ju Chen, Samuel Tie, Monling Liao, Lily Chan, Vicky Yang, and Cyndy Yu Robinson have been presidents since the organization's inception.   

TACAS is service-oriented

A great effort is devoted to promote the exchange of culture and arts as well as the community services each year.  In 2008, the Chinese Year New Festival drew a crowd of more than 5000 people for performances, food, and cultural exhibits.  TACAS also participates in the Raleigh’s International Festival and hosts foreign delegations and traveling performing arts groups.  It co-organizes Asian American Health Fair, Immigration Seminar, charity activities and provides the helps for local communities.

 TACAS is multi-faceted 

From the outset, TACAS has been supporting programs that promote Chinese language and cultural exchange among all ethnic, racial, and professional backgrounds.  This includes working closely with the Raleigh Chinese Language School, www.ncrcls.org, and supporting the TACAS Arts Center, the New Millennium Playhouse, and the Triangle Area Peking Opera Club. TACAS also offers a Book Club, Youth Group, Youth Symphony, and Rainbow Dance Club.   

TACAS is open to all

As the population in the Triangle area has diversified, TACAS has welcomed new members of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.  TACAS members are mostly of Chinese heritage from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, but also the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore.  In the last few years, TACAS has reached out to Families with Chinese Children, an organization for families who have adopted girls from China.  

TACAS is established just for people like you and your family. TACAS will help you turn your zeal for the Chinese culture into constructive actions such as:

  • Teaching our next generation about their heritage
  •  Appreciation of and participation in various arts and cultural events
  • Forming camaraderie via public services and activities
  • Meeting new friends in Chinese festivals and holidays

Benefits of being a member:

  • Discounts to all events held by TACAS
  • Discounts in shopping various stores, restaurants and Asian food markets (see member discount chart)
  • Free admission to TACAS Mother's Day Spring Picnic
  • TACAS Youth Group (YG) membership for members' youngsters of age 13-18.  Youth Group membership provides the right to participate in all YG activities and to run for positions in the YG Board.

TACAS holds the following events regularly:

  • February: Chinese New Year Festival  
  • May: Spring Picnic, General Membership Meeting/Election
  • November: Raleigh International Festival
  • December: Christmas Party and Balls

TACAS Youth Group:

  • Community Services: Folk Dance Ensemble, Puppet Show, Dragon Dance Troupe, and Lion Dance Troupe perform for schools, libraries, museums, and retirement homes in the Triangle Area.

  • Outdoor Activities: Ski Trip, Beach Trip, Amusement Parks, Pool party, etc.

TACAS Youth Symphony:

Monthly practices under the instruction of music director.  The group performs in annual Chinese New Year Festivals and many public events.

Book Club:

Four special topic seminars and one cultural tour each year.  The club loans Chinese books year round.

Rainbow Club:

Five dances annually: quarterly social ballroom dance gatherings and Christmas grand ball.

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