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20th Raleigh International Festival

October 8, 2005 

Dear Friends and Members,

What a weekend!! Everyone worked very hard, that 4 hours shift must seem to last forever for all the Café volunteers. With nine people per shift plus section chair and extra floaters doing the run, work was still a non-stop action from the minute they step in the booth until much past their scheduled time slots. Everyone was sweating like a sweat-hog! 

However, the food booth and the Chinese Bazaar were within eyes’ view of each other this year and the Bazaar looks wonderful. We have a variety of products on hand to sell! Next to the Bazaar the cultural and demo volunteers have to stay put for hours writing non-stop, often times, to satisfy the demands. Our cooking demo is, as always, an event favorite also.

The Peking Opera group gave a wonderful performance in Coffee House. Our Lion Team, Yo-Yo performers, and Martial Art team received great receptions from the crowd in Village Square. The audience was densely packed and the crowd loved the performance.

Main stage performances were also well received and appreciated. The Children, Teens and Adult Main Stage all gave spectacular performances show casing our ethnic group The audience could not wait to clap; they showed their appreciations by clapping intermittent while the performance was still continuing.  

As a total new comer to the International Festival and as IF Ethnic Chair, if without the help from all the section chairs, VPs, board members and seasoned pro’s… the IF event would not have ran as smoothly as it had. This was a challenging project to say the least. Thank you goes to all the section chairs plus the 300 volunteers/performers, which was either operating the booths, setting up, work as clean up crew, or performing on stage.   

Within the volunteer list, we have NAAAP, NC-CBA and BLIA officers, along with members/ leaders from RCCC and RCLS on the volunteer team. Supporter- sponsors of TACAS like Kuan Ho of State Farm and owner of A Ming Rose also volunteered their time to work side by side with seasoned and/or non-seasoned members or youth members to help promote cultural exchange.

With that being said, I would like to express my deepest appreciation and heart felt thanks to all friends, supporters, volunteers, section chairs, shift managers, performers, dance teachers, chaperones and make-up artist and photographers who volunteered their time and energy in support of IF and TACAS. IF and our ethnic section would not be the same without you! THANK YOU ALL!! 

Best regards,
Lily Chan


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