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Jan 28, Saturday, 2006
10:00am - 6:00pm  
Colonial Baptist Church
6051 Tryon Road in Cary


Dear Friends,

To the participants, the sponsors, the supporters, friends and 300 plus performers/chaperones, the 100 plus volunteers and 30 plus planning committee members, allow me the opportunity to say, ¡®Thank
You!¡¯ Friday, 1/27/06 was a long day and even a longer on Saturday,1/28/06. I¡¯m sure many of you are still recovering from aches and pains from standing all day.

Volunteers came in to set up 1,000 chairs and more than 50 tables and table skirting -- it was backbreaking work but everyone still have a smile on their face. Fifty or so volunteers showed up on
Friday, to dress up the facility, running around to check on table placements, chairs, signs, decorations, making sure everything are in its place, readying for the big day on Saturday. An assembly line was set up to copy and then staple 2000 programs, readying for hand out by morning ¨C quite a few had aching arm-muscles that evening, no doubt. A group of college students along with a group of high schoolers, along with TACAS/NAAAP officers and volunteers showed up to stack thousands of un-used chairs and moved it to the side building, filling up the length of the whole hallway in the B building.

Saturday morning, groups of officers and volunteers already at work by 8:00am. Teams of volunteers came in to help with tickets, food, vendors, games, performances, slides, signs, traffic/directional
control, last minute setup and clean up, readying to receive the crowd. Vendors setting up their booths, TACAS Art Center preparing their performance program, performers lining up back stage, prepared to be called on stage. Throughout the day, volunteers covered their stations non-stop, officers ran around making sure all stations is covered and everything is in order.    There were a few glitches, unforeseen late deliveries, out of control open doors, unforeseen short-hand with
volunteers, a lost child (later found), but over all, the event was well received and participants enjoyed the event! From the participant¡¯s point of view, the program was rich and educational, and they enjoyed the program and everyone had a great time.

(Flyer can be downloaded in
MS Word and Adobe PDF formats)


For all the above mentioned, my hats off to the whole team for a job well done. Without your dedication and commitments towards TACAS and the 2006 Chinese New Year Celebration, the event would not have received great reviews. On behalf of the TACAS organization, please accept our sincere appreciation for your volunteerism and hard work.

Special thanks; goes to Colonial Baptist Church (with Pastor and Mrs. William¡¯s support) for hosting our event and Grand Asia Market for providing all decoration supplies and 30 lunch boxes to feed our volunteers on Friday evening. Special appreciation goes to all our sponsors and supporters who had funded our event. Special recognition goes to our dear friends from NAAAP, Renee Chou for her support and Tenny Woo for his community service contribution. Our thanks for the support from Carolina Chinese Academy (CCA), Mr. Wok Restaurant, Raleigh Chinese Language School (RCLS) and the Families with Children from China (FCC) organization,.

The attendance was estimated to be over 4,000 but that does not equate to ticket sales; included are children under age of 6 and over 400-500 complimentary tickets for performers, chaperones and volunteers. With such a high number of volunteers on the list, I just hope I have not left anyone out, please accept my apology in case I have.

On behalf of the TACAS organization, thank you all!

Lily Chan
TACAS, President

               ****************************** ***************
* 2006 CNYF planning committee:

Shin Wu (Event Chair/Stage manager), Lily Chan (Event Coordinator/printing), Pastor David Williams
(event support/host), Debbie Williams (support), Bao-Chu Chang (performance), Chao Tung (FCC
Liaison), Ellen Ko (Decorations), James Su (Ticket- master), Theresa Boudreaux (Volunteer
coordinator, VIP invite), Naipo Lee (Food coordinator), Huijin Chuang (Cultural
coordination/decoration), Tingmei Jin/ Jing Wang/ Aili Lee (Education Coodination), Cyndy Yu
Robinson (PR/Media-Political invite/Games), Hector Javier (tech support/slides presentation), Vicky
Yang, (Silent auction/distribution), Ching-Ju Chen (ID badges), Susie Chen (web Publication), Sam
Suen/ (Historian/photographer), Sam Tie (Event Treasurer/ Raffles), Alex Lui (Sponsorship), Cindy
Hardy (Bazaar), Joyce Wu (Floor Manager), Frank Chan (floater/back-up), Julia Yip (logistic/external
traffic/signs), Max Cheung (Hospitality/Karaoke), David Yang (programe)

Timothy Lee, Michelle Hsu, Stanley Shieh, Su Ju Chen, Dan Boudreaux, Jean Chow, Slyvia Cheung,
LAnChien Tallant, Yih Shin Tan, Man Pan Hui, ??, Conrad Chin/ Ryan Chan, Tony Lai, with support from
Yulan Chung (RCLS), Nelda Bradley (FCC),

*Partial list of NAAAP volunteers:

Ron Beltran, John Cao, Joseph Cao, Bee Lin Cheang, Jessie Chen, John Chen, Andrew Chin, Renee Chou,
Joyce Duan, Hannah Fang, Sam Go, David Guo, Linda Hou, Hector Javier, Natalie Kikkawa, Anna Lau,
Michael Lim, Lisa Furukawa Ray, Angela Soriano, Wei Tang, Binh Truong, Judy Tseng, Tenney Woo, David
Yang, Julia Yip, Akiko Yoshizawa, Melody Yoshizawa

Friday, 1/27/06

Dan & Theresa Boudreaux, Frank, Lily & Ryan Chan, Bao-Chu Chang, CJ Chen, Susie Chen, HuiJin Chuang,
Max & Shirley Cheung, Bill and Jean Chow, Hannah Fang, Jit Ghosh, Sam Go, Tai-Jen Gordon, Cindy
Hardy, Michelle Hsu, Nancy Hwang, Hector Javier, Lisa Ji, Tingmei Jin, Ellen & James Ko, Matt
Kollman, Aili Lee, Helen Lee, Naipo Lee, Alex Lui, Chris Moncsko, Cyndy Yu Robinson, Jason Simon,
Angela Soriano, Jonathan Springfield, James Su, Sam Suen, Sam Tie, Trenton Tovar, Shiangtai Tuan,
Ajay Unnithan, Jing Wang, David & Debbie Williams, Shin & Joyce Wu, David Yang, Vicky Yang, Paul
Yen, Julia Yip, Tim Yu, Winnie Yuan.

Saturday, 1/28/06

Ben Banard, Dan & Theresa Boudreaux, Tony Cai, Joseph Cao, Connie Chan, Frank, Lily & Ryan Chan, Lam
Chan, Rachel Chan, Anne Chang, Bao-Chu Chang, Belinda Chang, Che-Ming Chang, Houmin Chang, Jashua
Chang, John Chang, Julie Chang, Bee-Lin Cheang, Ching-ju Chen, Chris Chen, Hustin Chen, Jessie Chen,
John Chen, Linda Chen, Stephen Chen, Su ju Chen, Jenny Cheng, Max & Shirley Cheung, Bill & Jean
Chow, Ed Cook, David Yang, Bao Chang Fan, Julie Fan, Jenny Forrester, Ankita Gautoma, Jit Ghosh, Sam
Go, Katy Hamington, Michael Hamon, Hannah Fang, Erich & Cindy Hardy, David Hendricks, Cecila Hwang,
Hector Javier, Tingmei Jin, Joy Jou, Judy Tseng, Huey Chyn Kao, Yuang Kao, Noah Kittner, Ellen &
James Ko, Matt Kollman, Ashton Lai, Peony Lai, Tony Lai, Aili Lee, Craig Lee, Eason Lee, Helen Lee,
Jonathan Lee, Naipo Lee, Michael Lim, Miaoyi Lin, Fan Yi Liu, Joyce Liu, Mao Kung Liu, Rou Liu,
Steve Liu, Greyson Mitchell, Chris Moncsko, April Najjai, Steve Poon, Hari Ramlingam, Cyndy Yu
Robinson, David Sakell, Vishal Shah, Jason Simon, Andrew So, Wendy So, Angela Soriango, James Su,
Evan & Stella Sun, Ben Tan, Cynthia Tang, Wei Tang, T. Tedamrongwanish, Sam Tie, Ruan Tou, Ruth Tou,
Trenton Tovar, Binh Truong, Shiangtai Tuan, Ajay Unnithan, Alice Wang, Chiafei Wang, Chris Wang,
Jing Wang, Pat Wang, Senfong Wei, Shue Wei, Margaret White, David & Debbie Williams, Irene Wilson,
Jane Wong, Shaw J Woo, Tim Woo, Chia Yao Wu, David Wu, Frances Wu, Shin & Joyce Wu, Ming-Daang Wu,
Ming-Jing Wu, Nancy Wu, Jack Xie, Vicky Yang, Julia Yip, Nancy Yu, Tim Yu. Anna Yuen, Eugene Yuen,
Susan Zhou,

Chaperones (partial):

Jeanne & Tom Anderson, Bob & Leslie Armington, John Basden, Jean Baynes, Rachel Breqnick, Domres,
Jim & Patti Ellsworth, John Estes, Joe& Jan Evans,  Ann-Marie Gissino, Melanie Hopkins, Karen Katz,
Dean Kirchner, Erica, Phyllis Krieg, Sue Lander, Susan Laws, Andy & Dennis Lee, Donna Millet, Roger
Mitchel, O¡¯Loughlin, O¡¯Loughlin, Jan Persing, Lori Rauch, Carol Setzer, Jerry & Sandra Smith, Rose
Stout, Kathleen Travitz, Judith Wilson, Terri Woods.


Lei Gao, Aiguo Hu, Zhengzheng Hu, Rugian Li, Tong Li, Zhixin Lin, Jiupin Pan, Yi Sun, Tiemei Wang,
Shih-Chung Wu, Xianhong Yu, Ming Zhang, Xiaolin Zheng, Anruo Zhou, Anne Chao, Yujane Chen, Emily
Cheng, LLian Grissino, Hope Lee, Rebecca Ng, Dominique Quintero, Ellen Su, Christie Chan, Melanie
Chin, Yuen Ho, Jasmin Huang, Chiu-Yueh Hung, Elle Law, Pi-Hsiang Lee, Lauren Li, Marissa Liu,
Stephanie Sun, Clara Wilson, Carrie Wu, Pae Wu, Adrienne Arthur, Jennie Bender, Lily Bender, Hanyu
Chio, Jessica Houston, Amanda Lazaro, Jillian Lucas, Michelle Orro, Nicole Watkins, Tony Cai,
Chihjen Chang, Johathan Chang, Sarah Chang, Chih-Kang Chao, MAichael Chen, Justin Huang, Jacob
Hwang, Richard Lan, Cory Li, Liang Li, Chris Monsko, Ping-Tung Shaw, Ben Tan, Monica Yang, Jennie
Gao, Jaclie Ou, Ian Wong, Frank Xu, Mariya Yao, Camille Anderson, Lily Anderson, Lily Armington,
Rosalie Armington, Alana Basden, Kim Basden, Anna Baynes, Danielle Bradley, Mia Bradley, Nelda
Bradley, Alan Breznich, Pamela Breznick, Alyssa Domres, Deanna Domres, Rachel Ellsworth, Tori
Ellsworth, Kristen Estes, Lianne Estes, Megan Evans, Nicole Evans, Lian Grissino, Isabel Hopkins,
Jamie Katz, Sarah Kirchner-Dean, Robin Krieg, Wendy Krieg, Mei Lander, Hannah Laws, Danica Lee, Ying
Lee, Anna Millet, Willa Mitchel, Emma O¡¯loughlin, Kate O¡¯loughlin, Aly Persing, Anna Rauch, Ka¡¯Lynn
Ravel, Marilu Ravel, Danielle Smith, Hannah Smith, Hannah Stout, Gracyn Travitz, Leanne Wilson,
Julie Woods, Teresa Fernandez, S. Kennedy-Stoskopf, Agnes Rehquate, Shiangtai Tuan, Jennifer Chang,
Johathan Chang, Patrick Chang, Alex Chen, Alicia Chen, Michael Chen, Caleb Chiang, Yang Ho, Andrew
Lee, Chen-Yang Liu, Ewen liu, Johann Quintero, Sunny Su, Jasmine Sun, Grace Wang, Gang Zhao, Henry
Chao, Michael Lo, Apollo Suen, Zethus Suen, Chris Thurstone, Mario Yang, Jing Zhang, Lian Huang,
Ynag Allen, Hunter Chen, Jin Chen, Kevin Chen, Josh Dowden, Nick Dowden, Bryan Eng, Yang Ho, Jackie
Lam, Jessica Lam, Jinny Lam, Jeremy Oliver, Brenda Watson, Chris Woliff, Angelina Wu, Su Cang, Ma
Li, Tracy Tang, Li Yunzhu, Lydia Hodgson, Shih-chung Wu, Zhang Hong, Deng Jin, Li Li, Liu Ping, Wang
Ruolan, Zhang Wei, Sharon Weng, Jia Yanping, Liu Yao, Lin Yaohui, Chihjen Chang, Chih-Kang Chao,
Wendy Cheng, Wu-Sun Cheng, Frances Erasqa, Ming Huynh, Jason Kao, Keh-Liang Lee, Colin Lin,
Ping-Tung Shaw, Max Tseng, Yi-Ming Wei, Dianna Yu, Emma Zieleman, Stephen Ching, Wang Bun Fong,
Bao-chu Chang, Ming-Chang Chang, Jenny Chen, MinFu Cheng, Cindy Hardy, Li-Ling Huang, Chiu-Yueh
Hung, Nell Ku, Li-or Lan, Pi-Hsiang Lee, Ruey Li, Jean Lin, Ai Shao, Howard su, Joann Su, Sean Su,
Ying-Hsuan Sun, Hwei-Ling Twu, Fantine Wang, Oh-Lee Yap, Jeffie Chang, Lisa Chen, Michael Chen,
Stephen Chen, Johnson Chiang, Valerie Chiang, Albert Chu, Melanie Fan, James Ho, Justin Huang, Jacob
Hwang, Eileen Jang, Alice Jou, Melody Jou, Kathleen Lan, Richard Lan, Peter Lin, Wendy Lin,
Stephanie Liu, Eddie Mao, Yiying Qiao, Samantha Song, Alex Su, Ben Tan, Natasha Vitek, Deanna Wung,
Mario Yang, Monica Yang, Alice Yen, Jeffie Chang, Kevin Chen, Melia Chen, Michael Chen, Yuting Chen,
Wesley Shang.

              ****************************** ***************

This project is supported by United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, with funds from the United Arts campaign and the North Carolina Arts Council, and agency funded by the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts. 

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