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Triangle Area Peking Opera Association (TAPOA)


President: Mrs. Lanshi Xia               (630) 660-6284 
Technical Adviser: Mrs. Shue Wei                 859-9285
Treasure: Mrs. Dongmei Hodgson  371-4709

Triangle Area Peking Opera Association (TAPOA) was formed in 1991 with 12 members.  Currently, there are 20 active members, among them are fan singers Er-Hu players, college students and professionals.

The members meet every other month to sing and practice opera, as well as discuss plans for events and performances.  In addition to the official bimonthly gatherings, some members also meet more frequently to study and practice.

Over the years, TAPOA has invited number of professional actors, and opera instrument players to the triangle area for performance and lessons.  TAPOA has participated in many local festivals and events, including TACAS's annual Chinese New Year Celebrations, Raleigh International Festivals, Greensboro Chinese New Year Celebrations, Duke University Chinese culture events, etc.

TAPOA members have had close relationship with opera clubs from other places, like California, Chicago, Washington DC, etc.  Overall, TAPOA has been triangle area's main Peking Opera center, connecting with and attracted to opera fans beyond triangle area.

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