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You Yuan Jing Menge

In spring of 1999 Playhouse presented "You Yuan Jing Meng".A Chinese drama by
playwright Kenneth Pai. This play is based on the transformation of officialdom and on a Ching Hwai geisha who marries into this social circle. It is a modern play that weaves reflections of the ups and downs of life, snobbishness, emotional struggle, and fluctuations of joy and sorrow.

The playwright uses sharp contrasts between the modern and the ancient to enhance the audience's empathy with the story. Interwoven in the drama are segments of Peking Opera and the performance of folk songs to augment the spectacle.

This play was performed at 7:30pm on Saturday April 10, 1999 at Davis Drive Middle School, Cary. Also presented at 6:00pm on Sunday September 3, 2000 at Washington D.C. Directed by Yi-Dih Cha and produced by Theresa Boudreaux and James Su with cast and crew of 60.

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