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Rainbow Club 2012 Dances

The Rainbow Club will host 4 seasonal dances include one Christmas Party in 2012
         Seasonal Dances:
·         February 18
            Theme: Valentine Sweethearts
            Hosts: Ellen and James Ko & Susan and Alex Sy
·         April 21
            Theme:  TBD
            Hosts: TBD
·         August 11
            Theme: TBD
            Hosts: TBD
·         TBD
            Theme: TBD
            Hosts: TBD 
          Christmas Party:
          Date: TBD


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Recent Activities:

  • Rainbow Club Dance - April 10, 2010

    We had approximately 38 attendees, including 8 guests. The theme was country Western, and everyone including the guests, actually all dressed up for the theme.  We had quite a few cowboy hats and boots; a lot of denim and bandanas; some suspenders, western string tie and fringes; and even a hillbilly!  We did a little square dancing, and had a good old hee-haw fun time.

    Our resident DJ, Ricky Luk, did an awesome job with the music.  All the songs were fabulous to dance to.  It was unanimous; the dance was a success and having a theme really made it so much more fun.  Of course, this club is made up of nothing but fabulous and fun loving members.

  • Rainbow Club Dance - Feb 20, 2010

    We had our first dance for the year and approximately 27 people attended. Frances Luk made some delicious and flaky almond cookies, and Ricky Luk put together some festive Chinese music to help celebrate the Happy Chinese New Year theme. Susan Sy even led us in a 欣 喜 欣喜 line dance. It was quite amusing.

    We also did the Limbo Rock, and everyone got in line and had a fun time.  We may have a good number of senior citizens in this club, but they are wild and fun loving senior citizens.  The certainly did not shy away from this event.  Sam Tie was the winner, and it is amazing how flexible and low he can go.

Past Activities:

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