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  • December 02, 2006 Christmas Party Recap

It was a rewarding year serving as the President (Max W. Cheung) of Rainbow Club.  The Club hosted 4 dances and a Holiday Party.  The Club and our members fulfilled the Club's goals of meeting new people, dancing to better health, and supporting TACAS in all the activities throughout the year.  We also want to thank Shin Wu's Arts Council and TACAS for their financial assistance which enabled our Club to enrich its program.

The Club ended the year with a BANG:  the Holiday Party held jointly with CAFA on December 02, 2006.  Over 200 guests enjoyed the party and bestowed their best wishes to each other for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The party atmosphere was charming, music romantic, and decorations gorgeous. The refreshments, the programs, and the door prizes were simply perfect. 

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the party, particularly to Julie Chang, John Chang, Shirley Cheung, Bill Chow, Jean Chow, B. Chang Fan, Chu-Hwa Fan, Ellen Ko, James Ko, Mei-San Kao Pao, Alex Sy, Susan Sy, Vicky Yang, Nancy Yu, and Tim Yu, who were responsible for decoration, refreshment, MC, programming, and planning.

The party would not have been as exiting as it was had not been for the contributions of door prizes by the following local merchants: Mrs. Ho of State Farm Insurance, Mrs. Lily Hon of Red Palace Restaurant, Mrs. Jenny Chen of 888 Chinese Restaurant, Mrs. Lily Chao of Eastern Lights Restaurant, and Mrs. Lin Huang of Jay Realty.  We sincerely thank them for their generosity.

I want to extend my congratulation to our 2007 Rainbow Club Presidents, Alex and Susan Sy, and 2007 Treasurer Helen Wang who have already stepped right into the shoes in organizing the Club's 2007 activities and in membership drive.  

Please make sure you continue to support your Club by joining Rainbow and participate in the Club activities.   

  • October 17, 2006 Dance Recap  
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The Golden Autumn Costume Gala lived up to its high expectations with a parade of our members dressed as Dorothy (as in Wizard of the Ox), Texan cowboy/girl, Ancient Chinese King & Queen, Emperor & Ke-Ke,, pirates and maid, curvy panther, Spanish hero & wife, Minnie Mouse, just to name a few.  The atmosphere could not have been livelier with beautiful decorations by our hosts, James & Ellen Ko and Tim & Nancy Yu, featuring Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and autumn flowers.  Ear-pleasant and foot-itchy music provided by our host DJ kept over 60 members and guests on the dancing hall all night until 11:40 pm.  Kao Mei-Shan did an excellent job instructing members with 2 challenging line dance steps. 

A service recognition gift certificate was presented to a well deserved 3-term treasurer, Nancy Yu.  Door prizes remained a highlight of the party giving out 4 gift certificates and 10 NC Education Lottery tickets worth a potential of 37 million dollars.  Good luck to all 10 recipients (I have not heard of a winner yet at press time). 

New President, Alex Sy, gave a concise acceptance speech and nominated his 2007 treasurer, Helen Wang.  My congratulations go to the new team of Alex & Susan Sy and Helen. 

We also would like to welcome our new members: Tom & Nancy Mappes and Wolfgan & Wenfo Witz; and returned members Leo & Anne Liu to the Club.  We truly appreciate the presence and support by our new TACAS President, Vicky Yang, and Arts Council Director, Shie-Shin Wu and his wife Joyce 

All had fun and we canít wait until the next party, the Annual Christmas Party, on December 02, 2006. 

  • June 17 Dance Recap

 The Rainbow Club wanted to thank all the members who came to the dance, and those who, though arriving late, came after attending Mr. & Mrs. Philip Chow's 60th Anniversary Banquet (Our sincere congratulations to them!!).  Our party hosts, Alex & Susan Sy and Mao Kung & Fan Yi Liu did a fantastic job in decorating the Dance Hall with freshly cut flowers in the spirit of SummerFun, for providing endless supply of delicious refreshment, and in keeping fifty-four (54) party-goers, including 8 invited guests, on their feet with enchanting music and Karaoke singing.

 The Limbo Rock dance demo by Alex & Susan Sy was a hit.  Everyone participated with excitement and the limbo bar kept lowering. The unquestionable winner, perhaps an unofficial 18 inches, went to our 2007 TACAS President-Elect, Vicky Yang who demonstrated her limitless flexibility. 

 The partygoers welcome back Danny and Victoria Tai who brought the crowd to Medieval dance steps last time.  They equally entertained the crowd with the elegant English folk dance: "Road to the Isle".  Kao Mei-Shan raised the dancing bar by bringing everyone to their feet with 2 line dances, "Alley Cat" and "Shaddop Your Face".  They loved it and she had to repeat the dances.

 A total of 13 door prizes, including 10 NC Education PowerBall tickets, were won by Theresa Boudreaux, Shirley Cheung, Bill Chow, B. Chang Fan, Jerry Huang, Peter Kuo, Mei-Shan Kao, Stanley Shieh, Jason Shih, Alex & Susan Sy, Brenda Tie, & Ming-Daang Wu. We want to thank Brian & Vicky Yang for bringing 3 door prizes including 2 skin care products, "A Perfect Word" & "Modern Friction", by Origins and a Seiko watch.

It was a great party and none wanted to leave before 11:30.

  • April Dance Recap

Forty six members danced to the beautiful music selected by our host DJ's Sam Tie and Stanley Shieh.  Our lady hosts, Schuchen Shieh and Brenda Tie, decorated the dance hall in the spirit of the SpringBreak Dance theme with azaleas flowers freshly picked from their own flower gardens.  They also prepared exotic and delicious food, such as Mochi and curry pastry. Danny and Victoria Tai taught the group an English folk dance: "Road to the Isle".  It was so well received that we decided to do it again in our June 17 dance.  

A $15 Wal-Mart gift card was won by B. Chang and Chu-Hwa Fan.  In support of NC education, a potentially big-buck $5 NC Education Lottery ticket was won by Eugene and Anna Yuen.  They have not scratched off the numbers yet and the have the chance to win up to $100,000.00

Every one had fun and the party adjoined at 11:30.

The weather forecast was not favorable: snow & sleet.  But, that did not discourage 43 members from coming to the party.  Our DJ, Bill Chow, kicked off the party with beautifully selected dance tunes. Showing their appreciation, the partygoers packed the dance floor particularly when life-show performers (Shirley Cheung, Chiayao Wu, Danny Tai, Max Cheung, & Kathy Yang) were singing their favorite tunes.  Past service was recognized with a presentation by the President of a gift certificate to each of our past President Ming-Daang Wu, past and current Treasurer Pat Wang, and Multiple-year Dancehall Coordinator Danny Tai. Our Treasurer Pat Wang reported our financial status and a service-recognition check of $250.00 to Rainbow Club from TACAS. Our dance instructor, Ellen Ko, did a wonderful job in a line dance demonstration at the intermission.  Everyone loved door prizes and the lucky winners were Danny Tai (A gift certificate), Nancy Yu, Chen-Wah Hui & MP Hui).   

Rainbow Club President Max Cheung would want to thank all those, particularly our hosts: Bill Chow, Shirley Cheung, Anna Yuen, Sam and Brenda Tie, who helped make this first dance a successful and enjoyable one for all.


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