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  • December 8, 2007 Christmas Dance Party

    This was an evening of excitement and fun.  Beautiful decorations, ample refreshments and drinks. great music and fantastic performances, we have about 300 people attended the Party that was jointly organized by TACAS and CAFA.  We are delighted to see that the program as shown was executed successfully and with great precision.   We are equally delighted to see all the attendees were enjoying the evening dances.   

    2007 TACAS/CAFA Christmas Holiday Dance Party Programs    

    Timeline (PM)




    Music and dance start

    DJ - The Amazing Trio

    Max Cheung, Bill Chow, Tim Yu


    Announce Christmas Holiday Dance Party

    MC - Hande Zhang,

             LanChien Tallant


    Welcome Kickoff


    Cyndy Yu-Robinson (President,TACAS)

    Daling Wen (President, CAFA)


    Resume music and dance

    DJ - Max, Bill, Tim




    First Intermission

    Dance Performance - Group Waltz



    Dancers: Machuan Peng, Liping Song, Danyu Lin, Haibo Zhou,  Hongbo Xie, Jianwen Cai, Jun Zhang, Ming Zeng, Qing Yao, Zhiyong Li


    Dance Performance - Waltz

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sun


    Door Prizes (10)

    MC - Hande, LanChien


    Line Dances

    Blame it on the Bossa Nova 

    Swing The Mood

    LD Leader - Susan Sy


    Resume music and dance

    DJ - Max, Bill, Tim


    Second Intermission

    Dance Performance - West Cost Swing


    Dancers -  Susan (Yanshu) Chen,

                     Roland Paicely


    Dance Performance - Rumba

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sun


    Door Prizes (10)

    MC - Hande, LanChien


    Resume music and dance

    DJ - Max, Bill, Tim


    Announce last four dances

    MC - Hande, LanChien


    Dance Party ends

    MC - Hande, LanChien

     We like to thank a dedicated and talented group of members.  Without them, this party will not be a great success.  Our deep appreciation to  Cyndy Yu-Robinson and Yih-Shin Tan, President and Vice President of TACAS for their  precious time and generous support.  We also want to thank our amazing DJs - Max Cheung, Bill Chow and Tim Yu for their countless hours of preparing, editing, and testing the music. Our special thanks go to M.P. Hui, who did the critical task of setting up and testing the stereo. Our MC - LanChien Tallant is beyond superb.  We also want to thank Sam and Brenda Tie,  MaoKung and FanYi Liu  for their dedication and strong support. Our special thanks also go to Lily Yu, not only she contributed to the door prizes, but also make possible two of the performances.  We also want to thank Mrs. Kuan Ho, State Farm Insurance and Orientspiration for their door prizes.  

    Our deep appreciation and a big applause to all the performers - CAFA group Waltz dancers, Susan (Yanshu) Chen, Roland Paicely,  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sun - for such splendid dance presentations.    

    Last but not least, we appreciate the cooperation’s and team effort from CAFA.  It is indeed fun and enjoyable  working with them.   Our thanks to Daling Wen and his great team!  

     We want to use this opportunity to wish everybody a very merry Xmas and a prosperous and healthy new year.  Our best wishes to the continuing success of the incoming Rainbow club team. 

  • October 6, 2007

    We want to thank all the people attended the dance.  With good music, good food and good company, everybody has an enjoyable evening.   Despite many of our members were out of town, we still have close to 40 people attending the dance.  We would like to thank our hosts:  吳銘党, 張家瑶,  謝祖銀 鄧淑貞  for their hard work and dedications. We also want to express our gratitude to高美珊to give us some popular line dance lessons. 

    The highlight of the event was the election of the 2008 Rainbow Club president. 鍾偉業 (Sam Tie) was unanimously elected to become our next president. His leadership and experiences make him a perfect choice.  Our current treasurer,   陳雪儀 (Shirley Cheung) has graciously accepted another term.  It is indeed a great team.  Sam gave a short speech, laying out his vision.    Shirley gave a comprehensive report on the club finance.   Our congratulations and best wishes to the new team.   

    We also have great door prizes:  6 educational  lottery tickets, maybe worth $70+millionsTwo huge golden pumpkins,  one Halloween Scarecrow and one pretty Halloween doll. Congratulations to all the winners.  

    We are looking forward to see all of you at the next event, the Annual Christmas Party, on December 08, 2007. We encourage all of you to renew your membership then for 2008 and to welcome any new members.

  • June 2007, Summer Dreams and Fantasies

    The Rainbow Club wants to thank all fifty-two people who came to the dance.  We moved to the larger dancing hall that night due to an air conditioning problem at our usual smaller hall. We want to thank Danny Tai to get us the larger hall with the partition.  Our hosts, Ming-Chang & Pi-Hsiang Chang and Steve & Anna Pai did a superb job in getting the dance hall decorations, music and snacks ready.   

The theme of the night's dance was "Summer Dreams and Fantasies".  It was a very hot day, but it was cool and cozy at the dance floor. With good music, good food and good company, everyone really enjoyed the dance.   As for programs, we have the extremely popular line dance lessons led by Ellen Ko.  Thanks, Ellen for leading the wonderful Electric Slide and Macarena dances. . We also have the usual door prizes near the end.    But  the special program for the night  was provided by our guests  Hua Zhi Shan and Yu Yongli   who give us two splendid demos in Ballroom dancing.  Their posture and style are indeed fantastic. 

  • April 2007, April Showers Bring May Flowers

    The Rainbow Club wanted to thank all sixty people who came to the last dance.  Our hosts, Chia-Ven & Mei-Shan Pao, Ena & Eva Meng did a fantastic job in decorating the Dance Hall with fresh flowers.  They also prepared delicious snacks with fresh fruits, cookies as well as the preparation of all the music.      

    The theme of the night's dance was "April Showers Bring May Flowers".  Thanks to our host and DJ, Ena and Eva who  provided us with such a wonderful music.  It was a holiday weekend,  many people were out of town, but we still had a full house at the dance floor.  We have several couples attending the event first time.  We sincerely welcome their participation and hope they can continue to join our future dances. Indeed, everybody had a good time, enjoying the music, dancing and socializing.  

    We had a very special program that night, Thanks to Steve and Judy Hiles, long time residents from Hawaii. who came and  demo to us a graceful Hawaiian Dance.   We really appreciate their kindness   to share with us some basic tips on the hands and body motions from the very popular Hanalei Moon Dance.  "Aloha" Steve and Judy, what a great enjoyment and performance!

    Following the graceful Hanalei Moon dance, we were equally delighted to have our host  Mei-Shan Pao to give us some extremely popular line dance lessons.  Great Job!  Thanks, Mei-Shan.

    During intermission, we announced that our Treasurer, Helen and her husband Josh Wang are leaving Triangle area to Montreal, Canada.  Josh and Helen are loyal members of the Rainbow Club for several years.  We really hate to see them go, but his career comes first.  On behalf of the Rainbow Club, we wish them the best of luck and success in their new journey.    

    Our Rainbow Club maybe small in size, but we are abundant in talents and team spirit.  It's indeed fortunate that we were able to find replacement in a very short time. Thanks to Shirley Cheung, who becomes our new Treasurer.  Her talent and skill will be well suited to this position.   

  • February 2007, Valentine Dance Recap

    The Rainbow Club wanted to thank fifty-two (52) members who came to the dance.  Our hosts, Max & Shirley Cheung and Eugene & Anna Yuen did a fantastic job in decorating the Dance Hall with hand crafted flowers in the spirit of Valentine. They also prepared delicious snacks with fresh fruits, cookies and shrimp cocktails as well as the preparation of all the music.      

    The theme of the night's dance was "dance and valentine, come and have a lovely time".  Thanks to our DJ, Bill Chow, who provided us with such a wonderful music.  We also enjoyed the singing from Shirley Cheung, Chiayao Wu, and Max Cheung. Indeed, everybody had a good time, enjoying the music, dancing and socializing.  It was a cold night with the temperature below freezing, but on the dance floor, it was warm and cozy.  

    During the intermission, we were extremely delighted to have Sunny and Lisa Yu, two outstanding professional dancers, to share with us some tips on the basic postures and techniques for Waltz and Swing.  Thanks to Sunny and Lisa, what a great performance! 

    We were equally delighted to have Ellen Ko to give us line dance lessons.  Her choices of the music "Spanish Eyes" and "Could I have this Dance" were perfect matches to the valentine decoration and dance floor romance.  Thanks, Ellen, from the bottom of our hearts. 

    A token of appreciation was given to Max and Shirley, last year's president.  Their outstanding contribution to the Rainbow Club was recognized and applauded by all the attendees.    

    A total of 22 door prizes, 10 NC Education Power Ball tickets, 10 skin care products, and two Eastern Lights Chinese Restaurant certificates, compliment from Lily Yu.  Rainbow Cub appreciates and wants to thank Lily's great support.  Rainbow Club also appreciates and thanks TACAS for its great support.   

    Special thanks to our DJ, Bill Chow, his dedication and hard work was beyond the call of duty. Our thanks also go to B Chang & Chu-Hwa Fan, Tim & Nancy Yu, and many others who helped make this first 2007 dance a successful and enjoyable one for all.


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