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2008 Activities

2008 Activities

  • Rainbow Club Dance - October 4, 2008

    The Rainbow Club held its Fall Dance on October 4, 2008 at the Cary Senior Center in Cary.  While the club's dances are normally held at Temple Beth-Or in Raleigh, the change in venue was caused by problems in securing an available date at the Temple.  This is expected to be a one-time change only, and further dance dates will be held at Temple Beth-Or.
    Despite the location change and setting up in an unfamiliar room, the dance went off very well.  Many thanks go to the hosts for the evening.  Ming & Pi-Hsiang Chang, Frances Luk, and Brenda Tie.  Their preparation of the music and refreshments helped to make everything go smoothly.

    An announcement was made regarding three upcoming dances.  The joint TACAS/CAFA dance will be held on December 13th.  Then, the club will begin its 2009 dance schedule with its first dance on February 14th, and its second dance will be on April 11th.  All of these dances will be held at Temple Beth-Or.

  • Rainbow Club Dance - June 14, 2008

    The club held its third dance of the year on June 14, 2008 at Temple Beth-Or.  There were approximately thirty-seven people in attendance.  Special thanks go to the two host couples, Tim & Nancy Yu and Max & Shirley Cheung, for handling the arrangements of the party and making it such a fun evening.  The line dances were led by Mei-Shan Pao.  During the break time, it was announced that it was time to begin seeking new club officers (president and treasurer) for the 2009 year, and that hosts were needed for the October dance.  Also, the October 4th dance would be held at a different location; the October dance would be at the Cary Senior Center in Bond Metro Park off of High House Road in Cary.  This change was caused by difficulty in obtaining a dance date at the temple.
  • Rainbow Club Dance - April 26, 2008

    The club's second dance of the year was held at the temple on April 26, 2008.  Thirty-four members attended the event; there were also seven visitors including two couples from the USA Dance Club (Triangle Chapter).   The line dances were led by Susan Sy. 

    The host couples for the evening were Howard & Joanne Shang and Alex & Susan Sy.  Their preparations of the music and refreshments were important in making the dance so successful.    


  • Rainbow Club Dance - February 23, 2008

    The Rainbow Club's first dance of 2008 successfully started off the year's dance schedule.  Held on February 23rd at Temple Beth-Or in Raleigh, there were approximately forty people including visitors in attendance.  During the break midway through the evening, current president Sam Tie thanked the two couples who hosted the event, Mao Kung & Fan Yi Liu and John & Julie Chang, for providing the music and refreshments.  Special thanks were also given to Susan Sy for serving as the previous year's president.  The treasurer Shirley Cheung gave a brief financial report.  After the break, the line dances were led by Sam Tie, featuring the Cha Cha Slide and the Electric Slide.  The dance continued late into the evening.

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