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 If would like to get involved with youth group activities or just want more information, contact president at youth_group@nctacas.org.  

Mission Statement

     The TACAS Youth Group is committed to promoting and sharing Chinese cultural heritage through community service and other activities.


About the Youth Group

     The TACAS Youth Group was formed as an assembly for the children of TACAS members. Since then, it has expanded to attract and include many people who all want to experience delight and fun that comes from being a part of the Youth Group.  The Youth Group enables and encourages youngsters to meet friends and have fun while serving the mission of TACAS.

     Anyone age 13 and up is eligible to join the TACAS Youth Group. If your parents are TACAS members, you are automatically considered to be a member of the Youth Group. If your parents are not TACAS members, you can join the Youth Group with the permission of your parents.

      While you do not need to be a member of the Youth Group to be able to participate in its activities, you do need to be a member to run for a position on the Executive Board and/or to vote for future officers.


     If you are a non-member who would like to join, or if you are a member whose name is missing from this list, please contact president at youth_group@nctacas.org .You will be added to the Youth Group's email list and your name will be added to future directory listings.


Community Service

     An integral part of the TACAS Youth Group is community service and giving back to the community.  The Youth Group carries out all kinds of service, including Meals on Wheels, retirement home recitals, and Habitat for Humanity. During previous years activities such as Adopt-a-Highway were also included. 


Cultural Exchange

     The other portion of the TACAS Youth Group is dedicated to promoting and sharing Chinese culture with others. This is accomplished largely through the performing groups who perform classical Chinese dance, music, and folk arts at various cultural events such as International Festival, Chinese New Year Festival, Asian Nights, etc. We also perform for other non-profit organizations such as schools, museums, churches, and libraries. 

Currently, the Youth Group performing groups include:

  • Dragon Troupe

  • Lion Troupe

  • Puppet Show

And through their classes at the Raleigh Chinese Language School, members of the Youth Group also perform:

  • Classical Chinese dance

  • Chinese Yo-Yo

  • Kung-Fu


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