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Youth Group Service Award

Beginning in 2004, TACAS will honor its Youth Group members who contributed significant amounts of time and effort volunteering in TACAS-sponsored or initiated community service activities. The TACAS Youth Community Service Award fosters a sustained commitment to public service as well as promotes camaraderie among the
Youth group members.

Eligible activities: All service activities initiated or sponsored by TACAS, like Meals on Wheels, the International Festival, retirement home visits, performance requests from museums, and UNC-TV are counted, while services related to other Youth Group functions, such as attending board meetings, preparing group events, or organizing ski/beach trips, as well as regular dance class or orchestra practice hours are not counted as community services.  Extra group practices, special rehearsals, or time on-site at a special performance, and time in excess of 30 minutes traveling each way to/from any performance may be counted. For the first year, the eligible time period is retroactive from last Mother's Day picnic to present.
Award levels:  Awards will be given on three levels to recognize our youths’ initiative, service, and achievements.  Bronze level will be awarded for 50 cumulative hours, Silver for 100 hours, and Gold for 150 hours.  Hours accumulated at one level can be counted toward the next level. For example, after 50 hours of community services, a youth receives a Bronze award. After another 50 hours, the youth will receive a Silver Award instead of another Bronze Award. After the Gold Award, the youth can start from 0 hour again. To encourage sustained participation, the 50 hours should be spread over three or more volunteer events, at least one of which should have a group participation.  Public services activities must meet community needs and be performed without pay, compensation, or school credit.
Records and nominations:  The participants will keep records of volunteer activities and hours served. These records should be validated by the activity supervisor or the organizations where the service are performed, and submitted to the TACAS Youth Group advisor. The advisor will keep track of the submitted records and nominate youths to receive awards at the appropriate times.  

Award winners: The first award winners will be announced and recognized at the Mother’s/Father’s Day picnic on 5/9/2004, based on records submitted on or before 4/30/2004. Subsequent awards may be announced at future major TACAS events. Bronze and Silver Award winners will receive a certificate while Gold winners will receive a certificate and a gift. 

The service record form is available on the TACAS Youth Group website, http://www.tacas.org/yg/servicerecord.html.

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